Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5, 2011 Crater National Monument

Today was quite a day!  We got up early and hit the whole motorhome with the vacuum, windex, pledge and plenty of paper towels.  The wind in Deming blew the whole house full of dust and grit.  After about an hour of concentrated cleaning, it was time to shower and hit the tourist trail. 

We stopped for breakfast at Cracker barrel.  We rarely stop there, preferring to have breakfast at home or at least not at a chain restaurant!  It was quite a treat, and we left there heading for Sunset Crater Volcano National park.  Wow, it was another day of far too much scenery to take in.  You can read all about it at: It is truly amazing! 

Here are a couple of pics – none of which do justice to the wonder of what we saw!

We continued to Wupatki National Monument – where ruins have stood for more than 900 years.  It too is amazing, and you can read about it at:  www.nps.goc/wupa

By the time we got back to town we were starving, and although the plan was to go to Black Bart’s Steak House and Saloon for dinner, we went to a local pizza joint and had excellent pizza for a late lunch. 

We stopped at Little America and toured it – we’ve seen all the Little America’s now!  This one is very small and insignificant compared to the others – the one in Cheyenne is the biggest and most elaborate!

We came home and had a very quiet evening, enjoying the internet, had watermelon for snack and hit the hay about 9…

Tomorrow, Kanab UT is on the schedule – we’ll see what adventures we can get up to there!

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