Friday, May 20, 2011

May 19, 2011 - Moose Club Grand Junction

We got up this morning with a plan - pack up and head over to the Moose Club where we can dump and enjoy the fellowship of the Moose...

First of all, we discovered we had to get propane - our tank only lasted a month because we've had to use so much for has been very cold and rainy!  Even though we use the catalytic heater mostly, whenever the 'big' furnace kicks on it is really sucking the propane!  Anyway, none of the 'close' dealers would fill us, Amerigas, Ferrelgas and some other local - they said they would only fill if we could take our tank off - in other words, they didn't fill motor homes.  We found an RV park that we could buy propane from, so off we went for that. 

After that, we went to the Moose (by now it's 1:30 ish...David swung wide to get into the dump, and hit a soft spot...the motor home just started sinking into the mud.  Now, we've had days and days of rain, so of course he would get the one area where there was a sinkhole.  We looked it over, got out a bunch of boards, put them under the tires, and no go...then he dropped the jacks thinking we could get the boards under the tires and get out - oh no, the jacks sunk in and would not come out.  Good Sam's emergency road service to the rescue.  I called them and they sent out a vendor - he was excellent, but I didn't get his name, but he was from A-Pro Towing.  He raised the back end so we could retract the jacks, then he winched us out of the mud.  By this time we discovered that the entire grounds of the moose club were taken over by goat heads, or thorny things. 

We finally got a dump and hooked up to electricity.  We had an hour for 'happy hour' which we sorely needed!  We then went into the Moose Club and watched a presentation of Tommy Moose - followed by dinner - they were serving burrito's...we each got a beef/bean burrito, with salad & green chili, tostitos and salsa, ice tea, orange sherbert with cinnamon sugar chips...for $7.50 each!  What a deal!  We also sat with a couple from Buffalo WY - who moved here in 1989...they were great dinner companions!  We talked about Riverton, and Hudson (they asked if Svilar's was still in business - big YES) and other changes in the area. 

We hated to eat & run but dear grand daughter Elena had a concert that we had to see - she and three other girls did a 'solo' song - Justin Bieber "prayer" I think it was.  The concert was good - we stayed for the whole thing and I must say there is a lot of talent out there! 

Got home and both of us were in bed by 10...just exhausted from the day!

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