Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011 - Dinner with Pam & Fred

We got up this morning and I finished the "Hunger Games" trilogy - I highly recommend for suspense!  I will definitely be watching the movie when it come out!!!  Thanks Tanaya for the tip :)

I made a real 'Sunday breakfast' of Bacon, eggs, homefries and toast - it was excellent!  We hung around for a while, cleaning up and doing some stuff we needed to do, David got a nap and we left at 3 to go to Delta to Pam & Frred's house for a 'friends' fix!  They have a lovely home overlooking several beautiful mountain ranges...I know, these pics do NOT do it justice...but here they are nevertheless!

We chatted a little while and Pam went to 'do something about dinner' - here she is checking the wonderful biscuits she had in the oven!

She also made a lovely crock pot dish with ham, potatoes, corn & a cheese sauce, mixed veggies and a coconut cream pie...we had more than enough to eat!

More talking, talking about travels, travails and fun!  As we looked at some dark clouds coming on the horizon, I realized it was getting dark, and if I wanted to get home before dark, we would have to rush!  We grabbed a couple pics and headed out!

Pam & Fred - thanks for the memories!

We got back just in time to lots of lightning and wind - and went to say good bye to our son in law Rick - he is leaving tomorrow morning at 5 to go to work somewhere in TX - he'll let us know when he gets there :) 

We got to play with baby a bit this morning, and here is a pic of her and her mama, Kelsey!

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