Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011 Cedar City, Johnny, Kaki, Joyce, Bob

Started early this morning - was on the road by 7:30...again more beautiful scenery - we came across 14 the 'scenic bypass' where we were in elevations exceeding 10,500 ft...and there was SNOW up there...lots and lots of it!  This pic was just a patch - because by the time we got to where it was all snow, as far as you could see and it was over top of the motorhome (from snow blowers on the road) and we had unhooked the car because there were 8% grades for 25 miles...SO not happy with that! 

We got into Cedar City about 11:30 and stopped to eat - then drove the car to David's brother Johnny's and his wife Kaki - while we were saying howdy his sister Joyce and her husband Bob came over...we went and got the motorhome and it is now parked in Johnny & Kaki's driveway -where there are hook-ups!  woohoo!  We chatted and chatted, then everyone retired for a rest - to meet up again at 6 pm to go to dinner!  They took us to a place called Sulli's steakhouse & cafe, and they had coupons for two prime rib dinners with salads, potato, and fantastic rolls for $22.00 - yep, $11 per couple for prime rib!  Johnny bought dinner with Kaki's money (grin)...then we went to Kolob Canyon and took some great pictures - but the sun had gone down on our day...Thanks Johnny & Kaki for the wonderful welcome, the terrific day and yet more good memories!

Johnny, Joyce & David

Johnny & Kaki

Joyce & Bob

We are now snug in the MH and ready for bed. 

Breaking news - Miss Kaeleigh is in labor, and we may have a new great grandson, Landon Michael David Carter before morning! 

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