Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 - Still in Deming - no mail!

Today started out very chilly - had to run the furnace for a cycle before I could get my shower this morning!  Temp was down to 38...bbbrrrr!!!

We puttered around for a while, took Cinder out for a long walk, then we headed into town - they have an absolutely fantastic museum here - it is amazing how much stuff they have, and how well preserved it is.  Probably the most surprising thing is that there is no admission is run entirely on donations and volunteers.  We spent several hours touring it.

We then stopped at the post office where our mail 'should' have been today - nope, not today so we'll try again tomorrow!

We stopped at a lovely market named 'Peppers' where I got the fixin's for a spinach strawberry salad, and a fresh loaf of bread, and we headed over to Fran & Rich's about 5 for happy hour and dinner :)  Fran made some fabulous pork chops with potatos and carrots, and we had yummy peanut butter cookies for dessert.  We washed it all down with some kind of lovely lemonade/vodka drink that was so very smooth...Fran and Rich, thanks for a terrific dinner!

Tomorrow morning I plan on doing a quick cleaning of the MH, putting stuff up and ready to roll - if our mail comes in early we are heading out - we won't drive too long, but do expect to get a ways up the road.  Don't know where we'll spend tomorrow night, but I'm sure it will be more of an adventure! 


  1. So glad to went to the museum there in Deming. We were really impressed. Quite a variety of displays, don't you agree?

  2. Oh yeah we loved it! We could have spent much more time there, but we enjoyed the time we did have!