Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7, 8, 2011 Rawlins, Cheyenne

After a rather tearful goodbye with our friend Christy, we left Lander at 8:03 am. There was some wind when we left, and by the time we started up Beaver Rim, we were in serious wind - 50 mph with 65 mph gusts. We got to Muddy Gap and that is where things really deteriorated...gusts were practically knocking us off the road. There was no place safe to pull over, so we continued to Rawlins. We stopped at Micky D's and I went in and got some lunch - David was having pains in his hands and shoulders from keeping the motorhome on the road!

Our friend Dwight from Cheyenne called and said he was about 1/2 hour out of Rawlins, and so we waited for him. He said that the wind was horrible the entire way from Laramie and he had a hard time keeping his van on the road...well, that was enough for us, we went back and got a spot at RV World Campground once again. We were set up and settled in by 1 pm, and oh my, were we ever glad. The wind just howled and howled. We did not even unhook the car! We had 65 channels of cable to watch and there was not a thing on - I was in bed with my Kindle by 8:30, and David was asleep by 9:30.

We got up this morning, dumped our tanks, topped off the water and were on the road by 8:30. We stopped at PETRO in Laramie where gas was $3.53 a gallon...WARNING - Petro is NOT RV friendly. There are no 'gas' pumps in the truck area, and the gas lanes for cars - let's just say that you did not have enough room to turn around with a car attached!!! We had a so so breakfast there and headed into Cheyenne wihout getting gas!

We arrived at the Moose Club on South Greeley Highway about 1...set up and immediately called the insurance company because we picked up a rock chip on the windshield. They were wonderful (we have GMAC) and within an hour there was a very nice man fixing our windshield!

This Moose Club is our home club, and I must tell you that we have stayed at Moose lodges all over the place, many with full hook-ups. We were NEVER charged a fee as long as we participated in at least 1 function or meal. Imagine our surprise when they said it would be $15 per night here...with electric only! We bit the bullet and paid for 6 nights, but I was pretty ticked off about it! I've written a letter to the club, with a copy to Moose International.

We did go in and participate in 'Hamburger Night' where we saw our friends Ray & Sandy, Joe Donna, Lou and Alex...what terrific people! We also briefly saw Ron and Beth Hartz...we'll visit with them at National in a couple weeks!

We're now settled in for the night, I have an early morning 'call' with the groomer for Cinder - yippee, she will be pretty and clean again :) This camping stuff is hard on her looks :)

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