Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13 & 14 Goodbye to friends in Cheyenne

Our day started just fine yesterday - June 13th.  We got up, had our coffee, and talked about what was on tap for the day - at 9 am we were at Cost Cutters, I got a haircut, as did David AND a beard trim...he looks so young and handsome when he is not a 'mountain man'...See...

After that we went and picked up my jacket that I forgot at Sanford's last Thursday evening - returned a dress to Sam's that I loved on the hangar - not so much on me :)  Then we met Marsha and Megan at Twin Dragon for lunch - what a great time we had!  Marsha was one of my ee's back when I was a 'working girl' in a previous life.  Megan is her daughter that just graduated - Megan also kept my grandkids in the summer for me when they were in Cheyenne.

After far too much chinese food, we went back to the MH and got naps - and my friend Lynn came to visit - she is a terrific lady who lived 5 houses away from us for 13 years!  We had a great visit and hope to see her down the road!

Our friend Janet stopped over to visit about 4 just to say good-bye.  I find that they are very hard in this lifestyle, especially when you are as close as Janet and I.  Yes, tears flow, but plans are already in the works for her to come to PA to visit us!  Yaaay!

Then we got a call from Dwight and said meet them at Don Rey's Mexican Restaurant at 6:15 for dinner...of course we did.  We got to meet their new adopted daughter, Juanita (Wanny) and we agree that she is a treasure!  Of course, no blog post would be worth it's salt without at least one picture of food...and I had a 'torta' for the first time.  It was wonderful!  Perfectly cooked pork, with avacodo, mayo, cheese, something spicy on a freshly grilled handmade bun...YUM!  Here is also pics of Soni, Dwight & David!

This morning we got up and got everything ready to go.  I had someone ask the question, what do you do on a 'travel day'...well, we put up the lawn chairs, pack away any outside 'stuff' we have out, (mostly dog toys, leash, etc.) and we really do make an effort to put stuff away the evening before!  The toaster, Paper towel holder, fruit bowl and the basket with the condiments in go under the table where they ride nicely! 

David does the 'outside' stuff, which means dumping the black and gray tanks if we have a hookup, rolling up the water hose, and unhooking the electric.  I make sure the windows are shut, the rugs put where they won't interfere with the slide, cutting boards secured, bathroom door locked, refrigerator door locked, all loose objects in shower and kitchen and bath sink are corralled into baskets, from curtains open and tied back.  We check and make sure the antenna is down, and hook up the car.  FINALLY we are ready to head down the road, after at least one walk around and a light check (make sure the lights on the car work in conjunction with the lights on the MH).  It sounds like a lot of work, but really, we can get it all done in about 20 minutes..not hurrying!

That's what we did this morning, except that we didn't have a sewer hook up so David took the MH to Flying J where we paid $3.45 a gallon of gas (Cheapest since we left Hondo in April), and then he went down to the visitor center where there is a pretty nice dump station.  While he was doing that I went for a grocery run at Safeway.  I met him at the visitor center, we loaded up the groceries, hooked up the car and away we went...bye Cheyenne until the next time!

We drove about 150 miles to Cheppell NE where we are set up very nicely!  Full hookups and long level grassy sites for $12.50 a nite...passport america rate!  I'll get some pics tomorrow I hope - we plan on cleaning windows and the rest of the coach - got to do those deep cleaning things when you have hook ups! 

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