Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8, 9, 2011 Manistique & Munising MI

So - yesterday we got to Manistique - parked at the Moose Club here.  It is about 5 miles from town and very very quiet - they did open last night for a fish fry, of course we attended and they did a good job - yummy perch, baked potato, cole slaw, all you can eat for 10.95 person.  Fish was fresh and crisp - great!

We went to Lake Michigan, which we actually saw in Marinette, got some pics and stuck my toes in the water :)  Lovely travel up Hwy 35 & 2 - lots of lovely coast views!  Can you call it a coast even if it is not?  Looks like the gulf of mexico to me - huge body of water, no waves :)  Biggest difference is that lake is black...not green or blue.  Kind of scary to someone who has always loved big bodies of water!

Today we got up and drove up to Lake Superior, where we once again saw lots of big water...we took a Shipwrecked Tour in glass bottom boat out to three different ship wrecks - we did take pictures, and I will post one, but through the water and the glass, and then the camera, it does not do it justice.  The skipper of the boat quoted 1027 wrecked ships in Lake Superior, the most famous is the Edmund Fitzgerald, which actually lies in Canadian waters!  If we had our passports we would definitely visit Canada, after all, we're in spitting distance :) 

For anyone with pets - they offer FREE kennels while you are on the tour - Cinder got a nice big clean kennel all to herself, with lots of ventilation in the basement of the tour building - also someone was there to chat with her and the other pets while we were gone...there were 3 other dogs and 1 cat!!!  They said they never had a bird, but there's always a first time!!! 

While on the boat we met a very nice couple who had their grandson with them who was so much fun!  Reminded us of how much we miss our grandkids and how many trips we made with them - hope to do more of that in the future if we can!

David napped the entire 48 miles home (he was wore out from jumping around on the boat) and we had supper at Big Boy.  When I was growing up, Mom and I and my aunt Joyce and her daughter Susie would go to Monroeville shopping, and we always stopped at a Big Boy and had lunch and strawberry pie.  Of the 4 of us, I'm the only one left, but hey you guys, this pie's for you :) 

We did have a wonderful day, and I took many pictures, here's just a couple I culled out for you to see.

Hey - my cousin Donna Huston has a birthday today - Happy Birthday Cuz!

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