Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec 15 through 17 farewell to friends, breakfast

Once again we went to breakfast with Ron & Kathy - then we went our separate ways - they went to Corpus Christie to tour the Lexington, and I started making cookies.

Now, you might think that I would be an old hand at doing that - and in the 'stix and brix' you bet, I had my big kitchen aid mixer and my baker's pantry, and I just baked up a storm...not so much here in the motorhome.  There is very limited space, which is why I'm so glad we're doing a cookie exchange!  I made several pans of Magic Cookie Bars, and several batches of Peanut Butter No Bakes.  It looked like a tornado hit my kitchen and desk area - cookies everywhere!  But, by evening I had my plates made up and put away until Sunday. 

Ron and Kathy came over for 'dessert' to have some fresh baked cookies, and wehad a good time chatting again.  Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye, because they were heading to Harlingen TX for the next couple months.  One of the sad things about this lifestyle is the goodbyes, but the upside is we get to say lots of 'hello's' too!

I then baked a carrot cake and put cream cheese icing on it - since it was us hosting the morning Coffee Klatch at the clubhouse this morning - and I also made a very good egg bake!  It was all very good.

Several more folks that we have been spending time with, are Clara & Barbara, Chuck and of course Teresa.  I will be very sad to see Barb & Clara leave tomorrow - they will be back about Jan 15th, and we'll do something fun then I'm sure!!!

Today was not much fun after breakfast - David has an ear infection, so we spent several hours at a clinic...he got some prescriptions.  We really should have gone to the VA at Corpus - the clinic was $100 and the scripts were 89...whew, expensive day!

The rain has finally stopped here - and we should have a couple nice days (we hope!).  There is a craft show at the park next door on Sat and also one I'll be posting pictures of them I'm sure!

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  1. Hi Peggy & David,
    Enjoy reading your blogs & looks like fun. We talked to your Mom & Dad last night Peggy & they are doing well (of course arthritis is always present especially in this cold weather). Dwaine & Leeanna are not doing as well with their health. It's always something. Age is taking its toll on all of us. I hope David's earache is gone by now---it's such a painful thing. It's a pain you just cannot reach without antibotics. UGH. Consider this little note our Christmas Card from us as we dwindled down a lot on cards, but at least you know we are thinking of you both during this Christmas Season. Tell the Family we send our best regards & Merry Christmas. Hope the 2010 New Year is a healthy, happy & prosperous one.
    All our Love,
    Bob & Theresa