Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dec 24 and Christmas Day

Christmas eve dawned sunny and windy!  Wow, lots and lots of wind - almost felt like we were back in Cheyenne - but no, it was only 30 mph gusts, and there was no snow

I ran to Wal-Mart for a few last minute things, and the store wasn't too busy, of course it was 7 am...that might have had something to do with it!  I came home and made us some breakfast and then did a bit of picking up, made a pot of pepperoni dip for the heavy hordourves that we were having at 6 pm, then had a chance to visit with Janet a bit. 

I'd like to introduce Janet, Dave and Tater, as the newest friends we have met - they came into the park about 10 days ago and have the makings of some of the best kind of friends - I feel that when we all leave here in March that we will keep in touch and get together wherever and whenever we can in the future.  They are from Covington, VA (Dave) and Philly (Janet) and Tater is their rescue dog.  We find that we have quite a bit in common, and it is a friendship that will only grow with time!  Oh yeah, Janet makes fantastic pies!!! 

We did all gather at 6 on Christmas eve - here are a few pictures that don't do justice to the food or the fellowship!  We had jalepeno's stuffed with a cheese mixture, cheese balls, stuffed mushrooms, cheese, crackers and summer sausage, sausage bites with saurkraut and apples, veggies and dip, and of course the pepperoni dip.  Strangely, there were no potato chips...isn't that strange?  We sat around and chatted and munched until after 9 pm, when we dispersed to our snug, cozy homes.

Christmas morning dawned very early, as I set my alarm to get up and talk to Dawn, Daryl and the kids, Devon, Branden, and Ariel who all live in Okinawa, Japan.  They are all doing very well, but I must say that we miss them so much it hurts!  After the call (Skype is a wonderful thing) we discussed just how badly we miss them, and talked about memories from other holidays when we were all together - including Tanaya, Kelsey, Kaeleigh, Elena and Rick.  We miss you all - and hope that someday we can be together once again for a holdiay! 

I made a big roaster of stuffing to go with the turkey, and at noon we were all together once more, indulging in every imaginable delight!  The tables were festive with red and green tableclothes, the music was playing softly, everyone was in a wonderful mood, and we spent several hours enjoying each other.  We decided that we would join together at 7 pm for delectable leftovers...the only redeeming thing I did yeserday was that Janet, Sandy and I went for a brisk 1 mile walk - which didn't work off nearly enough calories!!! 

Once again it was after 9 pm when we broke up and came home - and spent some time quietly chatting about the day. 

To all our friends, new and old - thanks for the memories!


  1. I will try your suggestion. Let me know how it works (or not)

  2. Hey there, just checking in to say hi. I thought I would try posting to your blog...

  3. Hi mom! Are we going to call on New Years Day!

  4. Dawn - Yep, we'll call you either tonight our time (morning your's) or tomorrow morning when it is your NY evening.

    Love ya!