Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dec 3 to 5 Christmas Festival

Let's just say that Dec 3 & 4 were pretty much a wash - literally!  It rained, and blew, and rained and blew, and then it rained with snow!!!  What kind of carp is that???   We really wanted to just tuck in and snuggle...but no, our house was to close on the 4th, and at the last minute they found that they had lost the original POA we gave our realtor, so it was back and forth to town about 5 times.  Because we have very poor telephone reception here, we have to drive a couple miles to get/receive calls. So, we'd get a voice mail, drive in, call back, then they had to email me some forms, we had to fax them back, then when we got home, there was another message, print fill out and FedEx back...sheesh, what a pia!  But guess what - it closed and we no longer have a home - yep, we're homeless except that we take our home with us wherever we go!

Today dawned bright and very chilly!  There was frost on my car!  No matter, we showered and headed out - first stop, breakfast at Alice Fay's on the Bay.  She has great food, very inexpensive (both breakfasts you see here were $4.95 each), and you can't beat the atmosphere.  See David in front of the window with the boats...yep, that's our favorite breakfast place!

After enjoying our meal and chatting with another couple that live in a MH here in Rockport, we went to the Farmer's Market, where we got some fresh corn on the cob...I know, I know, it is DECEMBER...but it is still fresh here.  The growing season is completely different than anywhere else I've lived!

The city of Rockport Utilities cart!  Cute :)

We then went downtown, to the Women's Club where they were having a 'holiday craft sale'...where David purchased 4 potscrubbers for $5 :)  We walked across the street to where there was a Chili Cookoff - the smells were really heavenly, but we didn't indulge.  Then, just up the street, there was a kite flying show, where lots of people brought kites and got them up in the air - the wind was about 5 knots and they flew very nicely.  There were far too many to post pics of them all, but here are a couple of them.

We went on into the 'Heritage' district, where the stores were all holding an open house, with some of them offering drinks and goodies.  Once again, we were good and didn't buy anything...until we came to the pizza cart.  We each had a slice of pizza for our lunch, and it was very good.  We had walked quite a lot since our breakfast, so it really hit the spot.

Colorful christmas of many!

We came on home and David got a nap, while Cinder and I sat outside.  What a contrast to yesterday, when it was howling and cold...I had on a tank top and jacket, and after about 10 minutes the jacket came off, and I just sat in the sun and read! 

About 4 we shucked some corn, and I walked up to Stevie Lew's BBQ and got us pulled pork sandwiches to go with it.  Man, they really know how to make bbq, it just melted in our mouths!  The corn was excellent too!

Then it was time to head back to the harbor, for the Boat parade of lights.  It was small compared to what I remembered of Venice, but then Rockport is very small in comparison :)  There were 11 boats all decked out - I took a couple pictures but my camera sure doesn't do very well in night shots.  I'll include one but not the others I took.

When we got our sandwiches for dinner, Steve threw in two orders of Cherry cobber (made fresh every day and OMG, so good), so we stopped at Blue Belle and got a pint of ice cream to share with our cobbler.  What a sweet way to top off a very busy and exciting day! 

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  1. Len, being raised in SW Louisiana tells me Blue Belle ice cream is like no other. I tell him Jersey tomatoes and corn is like no other. After 21 years here, he agrees about the tomatoes and corn. When we spend more time in Texas, I will have to "force" myself to compare Blue Belle to other ice creams. Chances are it will take more than one (or two to three or etc etc ) comparisons for me to come to a conclusion. I'll let you know!!