Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 6 to 14th

Well, it's been a week since I updated, and we have been very busy, but I haven't taken many goes what I can remember!

On Tuesday we went to the Big Fisherman and had lunch - they have a special from 11 - 4 on Tuesdays only, soup, country fried steak, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, roll for $2.25...and it is 'all you can eat'!  PLUS they have margharitas for $1...we ate and ate...and our bill was $6.83.  So yummy!

Wed we got word that the Lone Star Corral VP and board wanted to interview us for a position that we'd love to we pulled out on Thursday morning for Hondo, TX.  Got up there about 3 pm, had us some leftovers for dinner, walked around the park and snuggled in for the night. 

Friday morning we got up and got ready for our interview, and we think it went quite well...we'll know mid January if we got it or not.  Then we went back to the rig and I fixed a very late breakfast.  We had naps, then a quick dinner so I could go play BINGO at the clubhouse - and I won $4.00...yippee!  It only cost me 2 to play, so I doubled my money :)

Sat morning I did laundry - 5 loads so everything is clean, sheets, towels, rugs and all clothes - aaahhhh, that feels good!  Then some friends took us to lunch at Bill & Rosa's, a wonderful little cafe/saloon in D'Hanis.  David had their famous country fried steak and I had lemon pepper was delish! 

Sunday found us heading back to Rockport, chatting with our friends Ron & Kathy, who were coming to visit us in Rockport!  We got home about 3:30ish, set up and I did a stuffed cabbage casserole, Kathy brought caramel apple salad, and we had cucumber sandwiches for happy hour.  We ended up eating after 7pm which was too late for us, but it was sure good! 

This morning we picked them up and we went to Alice Fay's for breakfast, then we drove them around to the 'sights' in Rockport.  We had a great time, stopped at the Aquarium, had a Whataburger for lunch, made a stop at the post office to send a package, then came home for naps.  Here are a few 'random' pictures we took on our travels. 

I'll try to post again before the end of the week...when we are expecting several more friends down to visit!!!  Woohoo, we love getting company!

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  1. AHHHH - that stuffed cabbage casserole. You gave me that recipe a while back. Only made it once and had plenty to freeze for later. While camping in Louisiana we invited Len's son and family over for dinner and I reheated those leftovers. I tell you - that is the ONLY thing I've ever cooked in over 20 years that Len's son really liked. I'm a thinkin' I need to make it again soon.

    BTW, Len loves Whataburgers.