Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 26 through 28th

Sunday, Dec 27th - We got up this morning and decided that we would take Jim/Joan and Joe/Sandy to partake in the breakfast at the American Legion.  As you can tell, a good time and a fine breakfast was had by all...we spent a couple hours there, eating and talking, then split up and went to Wal-Mart. 

After shopping (getting some good buys on Christmas candy).  I had asked Jim/Joan if the Steelers were playing if we could come watch it (we don't have cable or satellite here and I simply refuse to pay $20 a month to get TV), sure enough the game was on, so we joined them and got to watch the first half...then, amazingly enough, they switched to the Houston game which was also in the third quarter!  What is up with that???  We came home and ended up having homemade pizza for a late lunch - then we went back to Rockport 35 for an Ice Cream Social - 2 scoops for $1, yum yum!

Monday, Dec 28 Today we explored Goose Island State Park.  Very nice, camping on the beach, elec & water for $20 per night - and a $3 per person per day it would cost us $26 per night, without the state pass...but WITH the state pass the $3 fee would be waived, so would be $20 per night.  The TX state pass is $60 annually - so we're toying with that.  If we get the pass we can go fishing on GI free...with no fishing license.  However, the fishing license is $68 per person here :(  I think the annual fee and free fishing is our best bet - we'll decide soon.

We planned a 'mexican night' for this evening, and 9 of us had a fabulous dinner!  Jim and Sandy made burritos, Teresa made a lovely salad, Dave made a yummy dip, I provided three kinds of salsa and chips, plus a 'frito' dessert that came out wonderfully tasty!
Yum yum...burritos & green chili!

Sandy & Joe

Joan/Jim/Janet and Dave hiding


We got word today that one of our Red Dale National Wagon Train family, Walt Dunbar passed away - our prayers are with his wife Jayne and family.

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