Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec 6 - lovely celebration day

We had decided on Friday that we would take today, Sunday, as our day to celebrate the sale of our house.  This morning, we shared a wonderful breakfast with our friends Terri and Rex.  We took them to the American Legion, where once again I forgot to take pictues!  They do a really good buffet, where the eggs are scrambled, but fresh about every 8 minutes...along with sausage, bacon, potatoes, biscuits, sausage gravy, grits, and pancakes, all with assorted toppings.  I promise I'll get a pic the next time we go!!!  We spent over 2 hours there with our friends, relaxing and chatting over coffee. 

We left and went our separate ways, and we stopped at WalMart, where we picked up some much needed baking supplies.  I've asked (and been very well received) to do a Christmas Cookie exchange - on Dec 20th...look for more on that later :)  Since space is limited here in the MH, and I only have 1 cookie sheet left (when I told my mom I only had one, I thought she was going to have a stroke!), I think I'll make magic cookie bars and no bakes for my contribution.

We then came home, walked with Cinder a bit, then we both checked our eyelids for holes...giggles! 

Then we went for an early dinner at a place called Charlotte Plummer's, a lovely restaurant on the gulf.  We had a nice table by the windows,

and after perusing the menu for a while, and asking for recommendations, we both decided on the flounder - mine grilled and David's blackened.  They have a very fresh and well stocked salad bar, and a bubbling kettle of soup. 

We had our dinner, then lingered over a homemade butterscotch cheesecake - OMG, talk about rich!  It's a good thing we shared it!

After a short drive around the beach, we came home to snuggle in for the night. 

David - thanks for the memories, is what we make it, and we will make it wonderful for us.


  1. I am so very pleased that your new lifeyle has turned out to be everything you enjoy. Good food, meeting great people along the way, viewing the sites and loving each other. What could be better!

  2. So glad to hear the house sold and now you really ARE on the road!! Yippee!