Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec 18 through 21st

OK, I wrote the post once, a nice long 9 paragraphs...and when I hit publish it just went here it is down and dirty :)

Friday was cleaning, laundry, reading, sitting in the sun :)

Sat - craft show at Bayview Rv park (across the street), nice stuff but we didn't buy anything - Fulton Farmers Market (again, didn't buy), Navigation Circle in Rockport Vendor's fair - bought a HUGE head of cauliflour for $1.50.  Great show.

Our friends, Joe and Sandy Fryberger and Jim and Joan Meyers from Longmont CO arrived, and it is so nice to see them...they will be here for a month or more :)  Our first item of business was happy hour and dinner at Stevie Lew's BBQ, where wonderful food and good companionship was had by all!

Sunday was yet another very busy day - we went to Alice Fay's for breakfast, then toured the Heritage District, came back and walked our fur kids, headed out for Goose Island and the 1,000 year old tree in Lamar. 
From left to right:  Joan, Sandy, Joe, Me, David, Jim...what a crew!

After all that, we came home, I had a cookie exchange and I now have 7 kinds of cookies for Christmas, and we went to JJ's for dessert - how fun!

Today Cinder went to the groomer, did some laundry, bought the bird for Christmas dinner, then our neighbor Chuck and our CO friends all met up at the China A Super buffet...holy cow, we were pigs!  It was so yummy, they not only have all the chinese foods, they also have mongolian grill and steaks to order...oh my aching tummy! 

That's it in a nutshell :) 

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  1. CInder is a handsome lad! See you in a few weeks.