Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov 14 and 15 Getting to Rockport

Well, after spending 2 nights at a less than impressive campgrounds in Mathis TX, (passport america, very dirty, buggy and we will not stay there again!) we arrived at Seaport Village RV Park in Rockport TX.  Oh my, Steve and Carrie welcomed us like we were family, and Terri and Rex (work kampers for 2 YEARS) welcomed us too. 

This is the 'porch light' in front of our patio :)

'Our Palm tree by our patio'

After we got set up, we went to a 'Camper Clinic' in downtown Rockport - bought a couple of LED lights for the bathroom - wow, they are great!  Lots of light and very little electric use.  They also are supposed to last 10,000 hours...we'll see.  Anyhoo, they had a 'free lunch' that was really free!  It consisted of some terrific local sausage (smoked), chili, potato salad, chips, bottled water and ice cream sandwiches.  All yummy and free! 

We drove around and took a couple pictures, then just hung out at the MH with the AC on - it was 82 and much muggier than we are used to :(  We'll acclimate within a week or two, but these first couple days will be tough! 

Last evening we went to Stevie Lew's BBQ (Owned by Steve and Carrie and in front of the RV park) since they are only open Thurs, Fri, Sat, and we wanted to have some Texas BBQ.  I must say that the chicken and sausage I had, and the brisket sandwich David had, were oh so melt in your mouth!  David loved the beans, I like the cole slaw...all wonderful!  In the future, we'll probably just get the meat and come home to have it with a salad :)

This morning we got up and decided we were going to go looking for a real beach...and we're still looking!  For some reason all the places we went looking were either 'pay to get in', or were posted 'private, no trespassing'.  We'll try again tomorrow, but while we were looking we drove across Copacabana Bay, went to Goose Island (didn't go in - we've got to see about getting a yearly pass for all this stuff), then found the 1,000 year old oak tree.  We took lots of pics, but here is one!

We then drove to Port Lavaca through the Aransas County Wildlife Sanctuary - sorry, no Roseate Spoonbills yet!  However we did get this gorgeous blue Heron...and some vultures that I am NOT going to post!

When we were coming back to Rockport, we found a shrimp truck...and bought some shrimp!  My oh my, they were so fresh that when we were cleaning them, there was no smell!  David managed to clean maybe 5, he has no stomach for it...the entire time was punctuated by "EEEewwwww, yuck, these are slimy, OMG this is disgusting," and on and on.  I had to laugh, I guess I really do have a better constitution than him!  I'll be fixing part of these tonight with a shared baked potato, fresh bread and broccoli salad...I'll try to get a picture before we devour them! 

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  1. Since Leonard is from Louisiana he is the shrimp cleaner in this family. I don't even try. I fear if I learn, it will then be my job. Mom didn't raise no fool. Likewise, he loves his Cajun food. I don't do Cajun cooking. Again, his responsibility.

    Speaking of food, you are scaring me. All these good lookng and tasty meals available while fulltiming. Oh my, I will need real strength to resist so many temptations.

    We have found sometimes Passport America campgrounds good, others not so much.