Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov 26 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day!  My day started out bright and early, when I got up at 6:15 and made my pumpkin pies.  Yesterday I made a pineapple salad that is always on the menu at my Mom's for any holiday, and I just really wanted to make it.  We also got a ham and I walked up to the Clubhouse to put it in the oven at 8.  The original plan was to eat at 11:30...I helped Teresa set up for dinner, we put tables together, put silverware together, tablecloths, etc.  It looked very festive when we were done.  I think we ended up feeding 23 people!!!

There was turkey, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato souffle, maple glazed sweet potatoes, tossed salad, pineapple salad, three bean salad, potato salad, stuffing, corn casserole, gravy, homemade rolls...and all manner of food!  Desserts were pumpkin pies, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, and of course whipped cream to go on top...YUM! 

We have much to be thankful for - wonderful families (though we're spread far apart right now), David's continued weaning from the oxygen bottle, our beautiful motor home, the lovely park we are in, the beach and palm trees, Cinder who keeps us on the go - walking, walking, walking.  We can add thankful for the many new friends we are making, and the many old friends who've been in touch with us over the holiday.  Indeed, we have much to be thankful for!

Once again, here are some pics of our day....

Here's the 'bird' that I got 3 years ago - he sings and the grandkids just laugh and laugh at him...and the kids today did the same thing!

This is us, getting ready for the feast!  Just in case you were wondering, we are both wearing shorts!  Nice to have Thanksgiving when it is in the 70's!

This is Terry - I have a feeling she is going to become another one of those forever friends!

The table and the ready to eat!

The leavings!  We had enough of everything - the stuffing ran out first, but everything was so good! 

Ending on a sweet note...

The rest of the day was spent chatting, walking Cinder, taking the obligatory nap, more walking...and now I'll close - thanks everyone for some wonderful memories!

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