Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 2 Happy Birthday Dawn!

I won’t say how many years ago (don’t want to age her OR me) I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who has grown up to be a self assured, professional, compassionate woman. She is a wonderful mother herself, having given us 3 beautiful grandchildren, and her husband says she is a terrific wife. She continues to climb the ladder of success through the USAF, and is spending her birthday in Hawaii, feeding the sharks! Happy Birthday honey, we love you!

Old Cemetary in Fort Stockton - the crosses are mde out of thin hard steel or metal of some kind.  There is no waste, the big ones that have the cross cut out are used as well as the crosses themselve.  Kind of eerie!

Pecos Pete in Fort Stockton

We went a short 50 miles to Fort Stockton today, and checked into Parkview RV park, also a PA park. We did think that this one was not too bad, it is a desert here, no shade, dusty, not a lot of grass. First off when we got here there was a sign that check in was at 1 – and NO early check ins. The office was locked up tight, and they didn’t open until exactly 1. Cost was $10, but we had to pay $2 extra for cable, but since she assured us there was good wifi, we figured that was ok, we wanted to see the World Series game. Well, we had wifi for about 2 hours, went out to dinner and when we got back, no wifi. When I called the office, the person that answered the phone was rather nonchalant about it – said it was down but don’t expect it back up tonight…so we would not recommend this park – even for an overnight. They are just not very friendly, and there are TONS of sandspurs :) we would not stay here again.
Burrito and tamale plate, in Ft Stockton.  OK but not great :)

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