Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov 21 through 26th

Just a quick update so you all know what we've been up to! 

Here is the Rockport Blue Wave beach, complete with lovely little tiki type huts.  Very nice!

This is the beach at Port Aransas - we started out intending to visit Aransas Pass,which is only about 9 miles from Rockport.  We got on a 'ferry road' and off we went on the free ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas!  It was a fun trip - and we enjoyed a lovely lunch at 'Shells' a little hole in the wall Italian place with very reasonable prices!

Yet another beach shot...yep, I love it!

Here's Cinder, and she does not know what in the world to do with this water that tastes nasty, and comes up and surprises her!  She was dancing trying to get away from it, but was going sideways.  We laughed and laughed!

Just another picturesque shot of the palm trees, and yes, we are loving them!

The reason that we took that long, round about trip was because David cleaned all the carpets in the MH this morning.  I spent hours the day before, cleaning, wiping down, vacumning, etc., because I wanted it all done before Thanksgiving.  And so it was :)  We have a wonderfully clean home.

We shopped for Thanksgiving stuff, and I made a lovely pot of ham and beans (I had a leftover ham bone from Easter, so I used that, with lots of garlic and onions, wow, was it good!), and a from scratch cornbread. 

We've looked and looked at Black Friday ads, but there really is nothing we want or need - this is the first Thanksgiving in many years that we have not spent it with Dawn, Daryl, Devon, Branden and Ariel.  Hey you guys, we miss you SO much!  Usually Dawn and I go dark and early to the sales - but she is in Okinawa, and I'm in TX.  David and I will go out and about, just to watch the people, and we will probably have breakfast out (at Alice Fay's Restaurant, you can get 2 eggs, 2 sausage or bacon, grits or homefries, and a huge homemade biscuit for $3.95.  What a deal! 

David, thanks for the memories Darling - it's been wonderful!

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