Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 4 - 7 Hondo TX Lone Star Corral

Well, as you can tell, we do NOT have wifi! I’ll tell you how our last couple days went :)

Nov 5th we arrived at Lone Star Corral, which is an Escapee park near Hondo TX. Imagine our disgust when we arrived to find out that they too had no internet, well, they have it but it is DOWN and has been for weeks. What a crock! So we continue to look for good wifi without having to buy an aircard or something equally expensive!

Our lot at Hondo - #46

Hondo is a quaint little town, although they do have the usual plethora of chains (Mickey D’s, Church’s chicken, Super Walmart, etc.) We’ve explored it a little but want to do more :)

Yesterday we headed into San Antonio (only about 30 miles from Hondo), and after finding some horribly expensive parking ($8.00 for 3 hours) we finally found an on street parking meter that ate $2.00 per hour :( At any rate, we walked a couple blocks, visited the visitor center, toured the Alamo – nicely done! Here are a few pics we took – but they simply don’t do justice to it!

This is a very unusual Tree...Janet, this one's for you!

Then we went to the Riverwalk – what a terrific place to shop, stroll, and of course eat. Here are some pictures, again, they don’t do it justice. We’re headed back into San Antonio probably Monday or Tuesday and take a boat tour – it is $8.50 per person and the ride is about 1.5 hours long. David can’t walk that far, and I really want to see the entire thing. They are getting ready to open a ‘river center’ and new section shortly, so that will be something we do on a future trip. Once again I had a certificate to La Paloma restaurant – and we had a wonderful lunch! I had chicken/steak fajita’s, which came with wonderfully flavorful accompaniments, David had some type of shrimp that he said was ‘fabulous’. We sat right on the river, and watched the ducks, pigeons and people play.

Saturday was back to reality – I had 4 big loads of laundry to do, and David volunteered to help get the internet back up here in the park. I got the inside of the MH cleaned up and decided it was time for a special dinner. When we stopped in Albuquerque and went to Trader Joe’s, I picked up a bag of langoustine lobster – tonight we had that with baked potatoes and a salad..yum yum! Years ago Red Lobster served this, and about 15 years ago I could still buy it, but haven’t been able to find it since (unless I wanted to buy a case for big bucks), so when I saw it I snatched it up! Now I wish I had two packages :) David was very impressed with dinner, and it was fabulous if I do say so myself!

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