Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nov 27 and 28

On Thanksgiving evening I got hit with a nasty stomach virus that lasted until this afternoon.  So yesterday was a lost day - did little to nothing - oh, we went to Wal-mart for a bit (I wanted at new camera), but didn't last very long there.  We came home and the rest of the day I spent between the bathroom and the bed.  NOT fun!

This morning when I got up, I was feeling better, and since all I had to eat yesterday was a bagel, I was starving.  I made us a breakfast fit for a king and queen - Ham, eggs, homefries with onions, toast & jelly...My, it was good!  Then we decided it was time to put up our decorations, so we dug them out, and put up what we had - of course I've been looking for a tree for the MH and I have been very picky.  I've looked online and in stores the past couple weeks - and had about given up.  We decided to drive down to Aransas Pass to the Lowes there.  We have no Lowes NOR Home Depot in Rockport, so off we went.  As luck would have it, they had exactly what I wanted!  It is 19 inches tall, fiber optic, with a beautiful toy train on the bottom - I'll take a pic of it tomorrow for the blog!

Then we decided to do a little exploring, and went south towards Ingleside - and lo and behold, there was a Moose Club!!!  It is Aransas Pass Moose club, and they welcomed us warmly, giving us their Dec calendar of events, and inviting us for breakfast tomorrow morning!  For anyone passing that way with a rig and a member of the Moose, they will welcome you warmly and they have electric!  How cool is that.  We didn't know there was a moose club anywhere around here! 

Then, as we were driving through Aransas Pass, there was a Christmas Mart - just a place where there were folks selling all manner of 'stuff'.  From pom puppies to veggies, jewelry to tupperware, christmas items to summer.  We wandered around there for a little while, chatting with the vendors.  Nice!

Then, we found a place called Conn Brown Harbor, where there are many boats, lots of picnic tables, egrets, pelicans, gulls, terns, you name it!  No, no Roseate Spoonbills Ellie...I'll be sure to get a pic when they finally show up!

We came home and finished decorating - then because my tummy was still not up to par, we had the ultimate comfort food, oatmeal and toast for dinner.  Of course, I have to make it special with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts (raisins too for David).  We finished up our decorating, and now we're ready to enjoy the season!


  1. I'm starting to get a little jealous! I'm thinking maybe you should have taken me along! One you pull a vehicle so you can drive around and not have to move the RV? Just wondering! Stay safe and have a wonderful time!!

  2. Yes, indeed we tow the car. We love having it available - and if I ever find a job I'll need it!

    We are truly having a wonderful time - come visit!

  3. I had packed most of our decorations in the cargo trailer we took to Lens son in Alabama for storage. But before we took it I asked Len pull out some boxes for me. When I saw how far behind and under other boxes the decorations were I told him I had enough, not to bother. NOT EVEN CLOSE! Okay, so now I will have to buy some Christmas decors. for the Fiver. I sure wish I had planned better.

    Your rig must be beautiful.

  4. Phyllis, it does not compare to the 2 to 3 hundred thousand coaches...even the 100,000 ones, but we love it and we've made it home.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! I love to get them on my blog!

  5. Hi Peggy. About a week ago I thought I posted a long comment about inexpensive places to eat in Corpus but I don't see it. Obviously I did something wrong which doesn't surprise me. Anyway, the places were on Racheal Ray's $40 a Day program from several years ago so they are probably all gone by now.

    I've loved reading your blog and am so envious of folks who can go around in sleeveless tank tops at the end of November! This last week the weather in Cheyenne has been nice - for Wyoming - but the cold front comes in tonight - brrrr.

    Take care and keep up the blogging.
    Jody Gostas