Friday, November 20, 2009

Nov 15 through 20th

Monday – the skies were overcast and it was drizzling, so we spent the day cleaning and organizing a few more cupboards and drawers, then went out in the afternoon to do a little more site seeing.

We stopped several places where I picked up job applications, and when we got home I started filling them out. We’ll see if I get an interview anywhere!

Tuesday we got up and headed to Corpus Christie to the VA for David. After 3 hours we finally got to see an intake specialist, and David has an appt Dec 3rd for blood work and the 9th to see a real doctor. Then we turned into tourists!

We went back across the causeway (big bridge!) and toured the USS Lexington. Holy cow, what a ship! It was an air craft carrier, and David started telling me what all the different things were – even though he was on an oiler in the navy, lots of the same stuff must have been the same, ‘cause he sure remembered where everything was! There are simply too many pictures, and none of them will do justice to her, but we spent 3 ½ hours aboard – and didn’t see it all!

We then walked on the beach and I had to stick my feet in the water  You can tell it is chilly, ‘cause my sweater is tied around my waist! Actually, on the beach it was nice, but on the ship I needed it!

Causeway bridge to Corpus Christie

The USS Lexington

A Blue Angels Jet aboard the Lex

The Blue Ghost in Leaded glass - Beautiful!

Corpus Christie Skyline from the Lex

We came back to Rockport and decided that we were going to treat ourselves to Chinese for dinner – they have a Super A China Buffet, I had a coupon so off we went. Wow, they not only had the traditional Chinese fare, they also had steaks to order, as well as Mongolian! There were 7 or 8 different seafood dishes, so good! We ate far too much, but since it was our ‘out’ treat we were happy.

Wed we once again ran around and I put in job applications. We also played tourist a little closer home and bought an ‘annual’ pass to the Rockport Blue Wave beach – for the wonderful price of $10. That is for a carload, not per person! Now when Ron & Kathy and Jim & Joan, and Joe & Sandy come visit, we can take ‘em to the beach :)

House in Rockport - built on stilts!

We also got out some more ‘stuff’, like our table and grill – and for dinner we had marinated pork chops, baked sweet potato, salad and the rest of the shrimp marinated in Lime juice and sea salt and grilled…yum yum!

Thursday was more of the same – except that we went to our first Business After Hours here. It was very similar to the BAH I attended in Cheyenne, but with less people. However, their food was sensational and the adult beverages sublime! Lots of different beers (David had some type of Island Lager – he enjoyed it very much) and I had a lovely canyon chardonnay…yum!

Then it was off to the supermarket, where we had to pick up some groceries. Do you know that the grocery stores here carry turnip greens, mustard greens, and collard greens! There are tons of different veggies and fruits that are not offered in Cheyenne…or in PA either! As I experiment with some of them, I’ll let you know what we like and don’t like :)

Thursday night we had a terrible storm. I’d forgotten just how wild thunderstorms are by the gulf! We had lightening, thunder and over 6 inches of rain in 18 hours…wow! We turned off our electronics, went to bed to snuggle and enjoy the show!

It is now Friday, and we spent part of the day cleaning, it is still pouring rain outside, the internet was down at the park, so we went to a matinee to see 2012. What a great movie!!! Kept me on the edge of my seat for a lot of it! We had not gone to a theatre to see a movie for a long time – as a matter of fact we think it might have been 7 or 8 years ago that we went together…I did take the kids to see Happy Feet 2 years ago, but nothing since then. We have DVD’s in the cupboard that we haven’t watched yet, but I wanted to see this one on the big screen!

Tonight we’re having homemade pizza for dinner – if I can get the motivation together to make the crust!

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  1. Hi guys!!!
    What a beautiful site you have here!!!!
    We just had our Thanksgiving dinner with the Drifters and you both were surely missed. Glad to hear you are enjoying the wonderful weather.
    Joe said that at Parrish Ranch, you were talking about a web site that gave info on where to find dumping stations, Wal-Marts and Cracker Barrels.
    Could you please pass on that info? It would be very much appreciated!! Hope to see you ion Texas!! Loveya', Sandy and Joe