Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 8 - Hondo TX

This morning we had determined would be the day we washed the outside windows – we had bugs on them from WY, CO, NM and TX! First thing we did was get out our collapsible bucket, filled it with hot soapy water and our bug sraper (scotch brite pad), plus our squeegee and some paper towels. David unhooked the ladder from the back and was my hand me the bucket guy while I climbed up n down and scrubbed. Well, you might know, we finished that up, I made a terrific breakfast – after all that work we were starving, don’t ya know? I fixed ham, eggs, grits and rye toast…yum! While we were eating breakfast we heard a rumble, then another and the rain came pouring down, all over my nice clean windows…grrr. At least there are no bugs on ‘em!

We headed into Hondo to get groceries, and shopped at an H.E.B. grocery first. I must say they have very nice produce – we got some more corn on the cob, and I’ll be fixing that for lunch tomorrow! We then went to Walmart and spent more money – we needed a water filter so that the water coming into the MH was filtered – we have a separate one under the sink for drinking, but we wanted one on the other one too, double protection! Of course we also bought a few other things – my red tank top had gotten a drop of oil/dressing from a salad, and I missed hitting it with oxyclean before I washed it, so I found a nice one to replace it with – I’m going to go through clothes when we get to Rockport again – we both have some items that need to find good homes.

Tonight was an Ice Cream Social – you take your bowl and spoon and 50 cents per scoop of ice cream with toppings – it was great! After the ice cream, I stayed and played card bingo. It was a lot of fun and I won two games, so I actually got to play for free (I won 2.75 and it cost $2.00 to play). Met some lovely people, and was able to give some advice to a wonderful lady who has raised her grandson and is trying to get him into college – however getting custody paperwork in order so that he can get financial aid is a nightmare for her and her husband. They want me to go with them to play bingo tomorrow night at the church – it is $12 to play but the pots start at $50…we’ll see if I feel like it or not!

I'll close with a few more pictures of some very lush landscaping!

These caladium were as big as dinner plates...lovely!

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  1. Ain't that the way Peggy - wash the windows (or car) and then comes the rain.

    I was reading your entry on the Alamo. A few years back we were there in May. We took a ride on the barge. When I went to get off I collapsed. I was dehydated and had heat exhaustion. I slept almost constantly for three days. Since that episode I do not do well in heat. So - be careful.