Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 3 Ingram, Kerrville

Today we went down the road about 247 miles to Kerrville. We had called ahead to stay at ‘By the River’ campground in Kerrville. We finally found it, and during the check in process they asked if we had any pets, we said yes, and she asked what kind. David said a chow chow, and they immediately said that was on their list of dangerous dogs and we could not stay there. We were amazed, since we’ve camped with Cinder for 8 years (ever since she was a puppy) and there was never a problem. So, after traveling over 5 hours we were faced with finding another park. David did say that at ‘By the River’ the sites were jammed in very close together (I didn’t even drive in – he had to so he could turn around).

I guess things happen for a reason, because we found a wonderful Passport America park just down the road. The name of it is Riverside RV Park, and it is right along the Guadalupe River…I’ll add some pictures when we get internet (that is the one thing they don’t have, internet!). Our front windows look out over a gorgeous lawn, right down to the river. This is the first place we’ve been in weeks that doesn’t have sandspurs – Cinder is in heaven!

We’re only about 4 miles from a WalMart Supercenter, which we visited last evening. I needed some buns because the menu was brats, macaroni salad, and I was thinking of baked beans – but when we were at wally world, they had fresh corn, so I got some of that…OMG, it was fabulous. Very fresh (clerk said it was local and had come in at 2), tender and juicy! Yum! I was also able to pick up bananas for .36 a pound – and beautiful Bartlett pears for .98 a pound. We’re stocked up with fresh fruit now!

We went out to find a wifi hotspot, and when we finally did, I was unable to upload all this, so I’ll try again tomorrow – if we have wifi where we’ll be going!

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